Thank you Belinda for helping us adopt our first Australian Shepard this past weekend. Our little ‘Bentley’ is absolutely PERFECT and we feel fortunate to have you. You made everything so easy on us and we appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail.


Josie is a puppy from Stonger Kennels. She is working towards becoming a service dog. Please follow her on this journey!! At 10 weeks she is so very smart…such an awesome puppy, well adjusted with a great temperament!


4 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Belinda,
    Thank you so much for making everything so easy to purchase our new Mini Aussie, Saphire! I have to say out of all the breeders out there that I have encountered you are by FAR the best! I have never gotten so much info about the puppy and the puppies parents! You really made Alexis and I feel right at home when we came to pick up our new baby girl! And she is so smart, I don’t know what you did but she came home almost fully potty trained, only one accident in the month we have had her, not to mention that she is picking up on tricks very very quick! It’s safe to say that the next Mini Aussie we get will be from you, I don’t care if we have to fly to come pick the puppy up! Thank you so much once again! Keep in touch!

    Theodore Froehlich & Alexis Lockett
    Lansing, MI

  2. I don’t think I have ever written a testimonial before in my life, but in this case I feel like I need to. I brought Rocky home with me 4 weeks ago from Stonger Mini Aussies and it has been by far the best 4 weeks of my life. Rocky is a PERFECT puppy with a perfect temperament, calmness, and playfulness. I can’t even explain how smart he is, he can learn a new trick in less than 5 min. He is VERY eager to please and LOVES people. My experience with Belinda and Stonger Mini Aussies could not be described by anything else other than Perfect. Rocky was my first pet I have ever bought and I truly believe I could not have found him from a better breeder. I drove all the way from Michigan to get him and it was the best decision I have ever made. Belinda was extremely helpful, kind, and professional. She even puts together a very nice packet that was extremely helpful and even my Vet mentioned how helpful and well organized the packet was put together. I can go on and on about how great my experience was and how PERFECT Rocky is, but I will just end by saying I would HIGHLY recommend Stonger Mini Aussies if you are looking for your next perfect companion. My name is Damon Flowers, I’m from Michigan and I’m on Facebook if anyone wants to talk more about this wonderful breeder as I could talk about Rocky and my experiences all day 🙂

  3. Getting our new puppy from Stonger Mini Aussies was a very positive experience. We have always tended to prefer larger dogs, but when our beloved Bernese Mountain Dog died in December, we realized that getting another large dog at our age might not be the best idea. We researched many dogs and decided to check out mini aussies. When we first contacted Belinda, one of her dogs had just had a litter of puppies the day before. She told us many things about the breed and kept us updated with pictures. When the pups were 3 weeks old she welcomed us to go for a visit and see the puppies and Mollie and Boomer. In the weeks to follow, she was very good about answering any questions we had. Amy will be 10 weeks old tomorrow and has been with us for two weeks. She is the smartest puppy we have ever had (and we have had a lot!). You can tell that she was used to relieving herself outside and she has had only one accident in the house and that time she ran to the door right after eating and I didn’t get to her in time. She knows her name, responds to “come”, “sit”, “go outside” , sits before having her leash put on. She has bonded to us and loves to be close to us but when she needs a time out, she goes into her crate with no complaints. After the first two nights, she has slept all night in her crate and does not cry even when she wakes in the morning but sits there until I let her out. She then races to the door to go out. She loves people, is adventurous and loves playing with the two little boys next door (3 & 6 yrs.) Even our vet was impressed with the booklet that Belinda gave us when we picked up the pup. Belinda cares about her puppies and giving them a good start in their lives. We were happy to have found her as a breeder.
    Susan Herrick Valparaiso, IN

  4. At almost 5 months of age our little mandy is quite the adolescent but what a joy she is!! she can clear any baby gate with a foot to spare (athletic) and thinks through how to move out the dining room chairs to gain access to the table (therefore extremely intelligent. she can also hold back horses with the big guys (hard working) and masters all commands (obedient – most of the time). but above all she is a loyal companion, highly social and a beautiful example of all an australian shepherd should be. everywhere we go people come up to comment on her beauty and playfulness. A close friend of mine that works as a behavior specialist summed it up well “you found a breeder that really knows her stuff and does the right things to create a quality puppy”. I couldn’t agree more – thank you belinda stonger!!

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