Stud Service

Looking for a stud to breed in your area? Look at our studs 🙂


Bunker Hill, IN.

(765) 432-5294


Hoffman Estates, IL

(765) 432-5296 or (847) 942-2128

One thought on “Stud Service”

  1. Hi Staci.
    I have 2 males, Boomer and Cody. Boomer has been the only stud i have been using as Cody is not old enough yet. Boomer has made some nice looking puppies, 7 or 8 litters so far. My present litter is from him and one of my blue merles. As Cody gets older, if it becomes a problem having 2 sires, I might sell Boomer. Cody is red factored, so I will be using him with my red merle as well. Stud fees would be $500. Cassie just had 8 puppies, and she had 8 in her first litter. But Mollie typically had 5 or 6. If you are interested in Boomer, just let me know. HAPPY NEW YEAR

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