About the Mini Aussie

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AKC Miniature American Shepherd Breed Definition: Please click on this to read it directly from the AKC WebSite.

Mini Aussies (North American Miniature Australian Shepherds) are actually North American dogs rather than Australian’s as their name suggests.They come in a variety of colors including the black tricolors and blue merles we breed at Stonger Mini Aussies. Additional colors include Red merle, red tricolor. These dogs have medium length straight or mildly wavy coats and pretty easy to groom. They should be brushed often and are average shedders but only their ears and feet need to be trimmed. Their necks will have a plentiful bib of hair.

Our Mini Aussies are very gentle and people loving. Their breed is highly intelligent and easy to train. They must be constantly challenged or they may grow restless,bored and even neurotic. The key with Mini Aussies is to surround them with love, games and new mental and physical activity constantly. They are loving and affectionate dogs but need to be worked since they are a working, herding breed.

Miniature Aussies were actually bred from Small Australian Shepherds starting in the 60’s and 70’s. The size range can be anywhere from 20-40 lbs and 13-18 inches tall on all four legs. They will live to be about 10-15 years old and few health risks. The major concerns you will have concerning Aussie health are deaf/blindness in merle dogs where both parents were merles as well as a rare gene that can make them more sensitive to medication. As with many dogs hips displacement is possible, but if the parents are healthy the puppies aren’t likely to carry and health defects.

Our Mini Aussies are like most and love to play and go on walks. They will run and bound everywhere and especially love the snow! They will do okay in a medium apartment as long as they are exercised often, but prefer to play and explore outdoors.

We’d love for you to meet our Mini Aussies, we think they are truly special. Once you buy one of our pups, you’ll never remember how you lived without one!

6 thoughts on “About the Mini Aussie”

  1. Hi There! I would love to receive more information on upcoming litters! We are very interested in getting a puppy from you. I live in Illinois, so would like information before making the drive. Thanks!

  2. We are looking for a puppy maybe April or May . Just recently lost our Aussie and have a toy Aussie looking to give him a little sister , he was so attached to Gabby she was 13 he’s 7 . We love this breed ❤️ Our Gabby was about 30lbs wondering how big yours will be .

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