Waiting List

Please check out our Puppies page to see if we have puppies available. I will be happy to put you on a waiting list if now is not a good time for you, or if we don’t presently have puppies available.  The form below is for anyone who wants to be notified about litters available in the future.

Many thanks,



5 thoughts on “Waiting List”

  1. I had a blue merle female for 13 years. She was a great dog, she loved agility, frisbee, water retrieving and walks. So this is why we are looking for a puppy or 2/3 year old aussie. Thank you for your consideration.

    1. Hi Shirley,
      I was remiss in following my comments on my web site – sorry. I think the Aussies are a fantastic breed. They bring much pleasure and love. I am hoping to have one or two litters in the fall. If you like, please go to my waiting list page and fill out that form. Then I will notify you of any upcoming litters. Thanks for visiting my web site.

  2. Hello! We are a young couple from Indianapolis and currently have a 7 eat old black bi mini named Ozzie 🙂 We are hoping to add another little furball to our family!! Please let me know when you may have any upcoming litters!

    Lindsey & Randy Ells

    1. Hi Lindsey! Thank you for your comment. I am hoping to have some litters by June. I can add you to my waiting list, and then you will be notified of the specifics on new litters. Is this ok to do?
      Thanks, Belinda

      1. Hi Belinda! Yes please! June/July is a perfect time for us to add to the family!! Thank you!!!

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